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KPoPS is expecting precise and objective perception on polar regions.

2050 Polar Vision Statement

The Polar Regions, a barometer of global climate and environmental changes, hold
the key to the future of humanity. In recognition that they are also indispensable
parts for national development, we have a commitment to usher the regions into a
promising future by addressing challenges caused by human activities and expanding
the scope for international communication and cooperation.
We, the Republic of Korea, thereby declare as follows:

acknowledging the connection between the Regions and the Korean
Peninsula, we promote the policies to preemptively respond to the effects of
climate change on the Regions.
we cooperate in further sustainable development and rational
utilization of resources in the Regions.
we foster future-oriented industries for the shared prosperity with
the Regions of enormous potential.
we enhance our national science capacity through innovation-driven
research on the Regions and its resultant production of practical applications.
recognizing that the Regions are a borrowed asset from the future
generations, we join international efforts to protect the environment of the
we extend the scope of interactions and build trust with the local
communities of the Regions, including Arctic indigenous peoples, to preserve
their social and cultural traditions as a common heritage of the humankind.
we strengthen the capacity for polar activities by expanding the
research infrastructure, including the 3rd research station in the inner
Antarctic and nurturing of promising researchers and experts.

2050 Polar Vision Statement PDF download2050 Polar Vision Statement PDF download